Spring Geisha


BCM-415-PFP  Spring Geisha – Threads Not included 

Printed Fabric Pattern, Line drawing diagram – Off White Poly / Linen Fabric

Image size #3 (12×16 in)  30x40cm

Inspiration Painting by Dar Cormier (a copy is included with the pattern, for colour reference)

This image is printed onto European Needlework Fabric and is perfect for use with Bunka Embroidery yarns.  


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BCM-415-PFP  Spring Geisha – Printed Fabric Pattern:

Diagram Line Drawing Printed onto off-white fabric.

Image Size #3 – 12×16 inches,  30×40 cm

Thread Not Included

We use professional equipment and archival inks to produce our patterns.

* Watermark will not be printed on the fabric.

* Our patterns are for personal use.  If additional patterns are needed, please purchase them from us.